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Updates to Free Localization

Message posted by avilei on 2010-08-04 10:28:32

Hi everyone,
after a while I decided to renew Free Localization.
The cooperative approach has been an interesting experiment with its pros and cons. The overall idea about sharing translations fits perfectly with the web 2.0 philosophy. Basing cooperation on WordMoney, however has created some problems. The first one is that the text of your website gets translated by people who may have never visited your website. Another issue is that some users have earned a lot of WordMoney, but are unable to use it because there might be no translators available in the desired languages.
I think it would better if each project (website or software) could get translated by people familiar with it. And who's more familiar with a website or a software project than its users?
Basically I'd like to offer a web-based tool where the users of your software or website can post translations.
For example, if you want to localize a software appliEach project owner would get a dedicated spacation and its website, you would get a dedicated control panel to administer the translations contributed by your own community of users.
Please take a look at Boltran
I have not finished yet: for the time being, Boltran is more oriented to freelance translators. I'll soon add new features to handle users and permissions. This way, more than one person will be allowed to work on the same project.
Boltran includes translation memory, fuzzy matching and search capabilities. Blocks of text that have been previously translated can be saved and reused to enhance consistency and provide faster turnaround.
Feel free to test it and evaluate its features.

Translation Process
For each project you can upload a number of files that you want to translate. Boltran will recognize the textual parts in them, split the biggest text groups according to the segmentation rules and display the segments one by one so that you can proceed with the translation. Boltran will memorize your translations and will propose you translation candidates for segments similar to those recorded in memory. Once you want to see how the files would look once translated, you can create the translated files open them in the appropriate application and see what your translation looks like.

Supported File Formats
OpenDocument/, Plain Text, PO (.po), Java, XHTML, HTML, HTML Help Compiler, INI ('key=value' format), DocBook, Microsoft Open XML (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx), Okapi monolingual XLIFF, QuarkXPress CopyFlowGold, Subtitle files (SRT), ResX, Android Resource, LaTeX.
If you need to translate files in the old Microsoft Office format (.doc, .ppt, .xls), please convert them to OpenDocument format by using

TMX Support
Boltran uses the standard TMX file format to store and access translation memories, which guarantees that you can exchange your translation material with other CAT applications, supporting this file format.

Please let me know your thoughts,

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Message posted by avilei on 2010-08-04 10:32:23

There was a typo in the previous post.
I meant:
If you want to localize a software application or a website, you will get a dedicated control panel to administer the translations contributed by your own community of users.

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Message posted by genie on 2010-08-05 02:44:19

Hi avilei,

Thanks for the effort. Sound like a quantum leap forward to streamline the process and in reliavility improvement.

I guess the best way to test it, make suggestions, etc. is using the system, so I'll let you know as I go along.

Thanks a lot!

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